Pedro Rico


I dream moms and pops mixed me with Haitian Rhum and Whiskey.

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When you run to the bathroom at the bar at homecoming now the next nigga whispering in the ear of your scheme

My boys showed out for my birthday man, appreciate it #BloodAndGuts

Ravens know what's up, #Crowndependence

Today, we are all united against tyranny #Wolfpack

": I've only conned a guy out if a flight 1 time

Only 14% of 0-2 teams have went on to make the playoffs ever, looks like the Colts are gonna need a lot of...Luck

RT : Haha I'm def guilty of throwing away a chicks AKA gear and vaginal cream

that's a clear picture??

RT : Wanna get drunk tonight and get laid lol

RT : *slips out the back door during the commotion* <> where ya headed there, pal? Not campus I hope...

Lmaoooo finally the truth, I read "our story" on that website like

Aye, Joe, I'm laughing hard as hell, but we black men gotta stick together, quick tip