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i just wanna succeed...

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White wine and bout to gobble gobble!!!!

I need that cut!!! lol

Lmaoooooo.. My nigga on 2k

Real nigga shit.. That's why my son russ will always b my bro no matter what... Love dat nigga man

Real nigga shit man.. That's why dis my bro too da max.. Love you too bro!!!

This kid is 6'10 nd look

I'm in these high ass Colorado mountains man.. Shit cray!!

I b frontin around campus wid dis jawwwnnn righ here!!! lol

Lord Jesus!!! lol..

Gotta support with these bad boysss

oomf's have the Lomar Odoms instead of da MJ's.. Lmao.. Peep da bald head nigga dunkin wid his left..

Didnt kno MJ was a lefty.. lmaooo..

Lol.. Take a look..

#dontjudgeme ...

Niggaz foul but the referee's dont get involved...

Grow up where dem niggaz don't fight fair.. The pipe flair .. You in check.. No Nike airs...

We all in the same picture.. But we all got different poses!!!.. #BBC!!

Lol.. Pops Is gettin old man

At my pops surprise party nd they got a lil picture wall nd look at this ... Lmaooooooooooo

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