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I'm Yvonne, a 99er who is fighting to STOP the lies, smears & incitement of violence on FOX News. It's time for Americans to boycott advertisers who fund FOX.

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OUR REAL PROBLEM is WHITE RAGE: Don't forget who exploded throughout the George Zimmerman affair #FOXlies image:

  • 470 days ago via site
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CONFUSED? FOX NATION: "Gas Prices Up" FOX NEWS: "Gas Prices Down" - We report, you decide. #FOXlies See pic:

  • 505 days ago via site
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Here's the reason Fox News spent less than 19 minutes covering sexual assault in the military (see image) #FOXlies

  • 525 days ago via site
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FOX NEWS PRESIDENT EXPLAINS WHAT "TRUTH" IS (in case you don't know) #FOXlies see twitpic:

  • 546 days ago via site
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I DON'T ALWAYS WATCH FOX NEWS. But when I do it's on Comedy Central. #FauxNews #FOXlies #FoxIsNotNews (see image)

  • 574 days ago via site
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LET'S PLAY "WHO DO YOU TRUST" via Fox News? #FoxIsNotNews #FOXlies (see image)

  • 589 days ago via site
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"It goes without saying that Fox News is not news at all but pure propaganda..." (see twitpic image) #FOXlies

  • 602 days ago via site
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SEAN HANNITY (R- Paid Liar): Obstructionist Republican Clown #FOXlies #HANNITYlies (illustration by WMxdesign)

  • 610 days ago via site
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FOX NEWS: Rooting for American to fail since 2008. HAPPY PRESIDENTS DAY! #FOXlies (see twitpic)

  • 619 days ago via site
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FOX NEWS: Rich people paying angry people to tell middle class people to blame poor people. image #FOXlies

  • 638 days ago via site
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FOX NEWS: Rich people paying angry white people to tell middle class people to blame poor people: see pic #FOXlies

  • 638 days ago via site
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TWO DOWN: Palin joins Beck in the "Fox News Ex-Patriots Club". (see image) #SarahPalin #GlennBeck #FOXlies

  • 640 days ago via site
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FOX NEWS, The NRA's favorite assault weapon (cartoon by Tornoe). #GunControl #NRA #FOXlies

  • 654 days ago via site
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MITT ROMNEY'S GOT A NEW JOB! Guess where's he's working now: (see pic via ) #Romney #GOP #FOXNews #FOXlies

  • 675 days ago via site
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COMMENTS BY A TYPICAL FOX NEWS VIEWER to a Fox News Alert on Twitter. #GunControl #NRA #FOXlies (see screenshot)

  • 680 days ago via site
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'TIS THE SEASON - For the annual Fox News "War on Christmas" hype #WarOnChristmas #BillOReilly #FOXlies (see pic)

  • 689 days ago via site
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STOP THE MURDOCH MEDIA POWER GRAB! #FOXlies #Murdochgate #NewsCorp Murdoch's Thanksgiving (twitpic)

  • 707 days ago via site
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STOP THE POWER GRAB! The FCC wants to let #Murdoch own even more media in the U.S. #Murdochgate #NewsCorp twitpic:

  • 708 days ago via site
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FOX & GOP vs FACTS, POLLS and REALITY: How could Petraeus have such poor judgement? #GOP #FOXlies (see twitpic)

  • 713 days ago via site
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CARTOON: "Life Outside The Fox News Bubble" via #FauxNews #FOXlies #FOXlosers #GOP Twitpic:

  • 717 days ago via site
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