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Happy holidays from

Looks like you guys are really fucking voting!!! Keep it up! Thank you to all our supporters!

My balls.

Hammersmith. We def leveled up our production this tour. Our crew fucking rules!

Australian graffiti is pretty sweet.

Our bible until late November.

I know. Soon enough. Show this pic to Myles. He'll know what it's about! Miss you Anna.

Matt Peloquin, our tour manager, during snack time!

got injured yesterday. Send him ur best wishes to get well! We need him for the tour!! Why Tom, why!!!!

Fuck all u all! THIS IS ACTING!!

fuckin bitchin! Here's mine!


no. I'm in Zurich right now. Wassup w u?

Went to the biggest music store I've ever been to today in Cologne. I'm gonna start playing the sousaphone. It's sexy.

Here's proof. Not of the asshole, just the game.

fucking brilliant!

Just got done playing soccer.... footba...socc.....
U know what I Fkn mean. Chk the sox

This is for everyone who deserves it. Conversely, it is not for those who don't.

This patch was given to me by an actual NYC cop last week! Well, not "given", as much as ripped off, as we scuffled!

Michael Starr??

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