Rob Chill, Sr


I put numbers on the board. Sensitive (twitter) thugs, y'all all need hugs. 23.SDA.Brooklyn.Trini.Knicks.Jets.Yankees.Oakwood.

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You are?

That was praise and worship??????????

RT : Son lol fuck religion. Once you have a relationship with Christ, you're gucci.

RT : “: Do I know any French girls?” You don't need to know any. You know ME.

I was waken up exactly 17 minutes before my alarm....

RT : Oh y'all do have church in a few! Go to sleep !

RT : Why niggas care if girls look different without makeup? Your dick look small before it get hard soooo?

RT : 36 years of doing dirt like its earth day... GOD RT : I might sell a brick on my birthday

Who they attracting wit dat line: "What's yo name? What's yo sign?" Soon as he buy dat wine I just creep up from behind...

RT : ": .. i could go all night"

RT : It be the niggas who aspire to marry, talking bout, I'm not getting married. Shut the fuck up.


RT : How would you feel if she just went to Gamestop and picked up any game and came home with it? Lol

Catching feelings like....

RT : ok . it wasn't big .... but it was long ....