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Prettier and smarter than you. And your mom. Professional e-thugger of fools. I make horses my bitches. Keith Olbermann asked for my number. I said no.

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Hi, twitter. says tweeting (what she thought was) Zimmerman's address was an "accident". Why this? ->

Was this also a mistake then?

I need a name for this horse. I'm going to take her on. She's an Arab and very fierce. She needs a fierce name.

This is what I do.

She reared and bucked and tried to throw me. This was the tragic casualty.

Success! Not bad for the second day of training, I'd say.

. This is what your "barely formed clump of cells" looks like.

Hot tub cleave. In case you want to #TransmitToVladimir

Hot tub cleave. In case you want to #SubmitThisToVladimir

Can't sleep.

Hi, Eric Holder. I do my own "brainwashing" about guns. Thought you'd enjoy.

Hi, Southern California. KNOCK IT OFF.

. Go fish.

I *almost* have Mr. Gucci talked into adopting this pretty girl as a rescue.

Well here.

Well here.

From now on I buy my Kirby parts online. If I never have to be in this horrid part of town again it will be too soon.

Yes. You should respect the president like liberals did Bush.