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So, this happened. Should be a party.

. So, should we respect Obama like liberals respected Bush? Please clarify.

Wearing my no pants uniform and drinking wine. You're welcome.

For the same crimes, (and probably for being the same person) nt also gets a turn at the Twatterboard.

For crimes of being a hypocrite, liar, & empty threatener, #TheGringoArmy sentences to the Twatterboard.

I'm wearing this for you. RT : Aaaand, I'm still waiting on that sammich. #CCEduChat

With just the slightest rearrangement of the wording, I think I have a new campaign slogan for Big O. Thx, Dick Nixon.

Her truck stop clients unable to help her, cries softly for her mommy on the #Twatterboard.

For crimes against rational thought, , the #GringoArmy and I sentence to twatterboarding.

"Two government buildings in one day AND my pink dress is in the wash? WHY DO YOU HATE ME, MOTHER?"

Teaching a cute little paint to bow while I wait for my "fluke treatment" from the illustrious

RT : Is it hate speech to call for the lynching of Bush and refer to him as Hitler

I told her as gently as I could.


Like liberals respected Bush? RT : Republicans have no respect for the Office of President

The bingo bag.

See? RT : I mean I'm a huge fan of an erector set but a COMPLETE set

Also, this is what the old erector set with almost no parts was sent in. #BatShit

Our drinks are as tall as we are. It's so sad you're not here. #Vegas