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#ff because

#ff because

I want to die. RT : Another reason weddings are not good "investments." (via )

Thank you. It came together for good.

<tweet from horseback>

RT : Is there a horse picture?

He should be fun. I'm looking forward to it. This is him.

Mr. T is the bay. I love him. I would let him come in the house.

Hi, . I got you a present.

Only for you, lovah. RT : Do a ducklips photo like everyone on MySpace! :D

Look what I got from ! You should be exactly as jealous as you are. How gorgeous are these?!

Headed out. Looking good enough to eat. #LeDuh


Hey ! Look what's on!

. Screen shot of 's tweet that I responded to. I await your apology, fool.

. Screen shot of the original tweet, you despicable fool. I await your apology.


PS - I think we all know why the #GringoArmy sentences to the twatterboard tonight.