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#RoadToXLVIII - New England Patriots. RedSox,Celtics & Bruins. iOS, HowardStern, SneakerHead, Music, Rice

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Hittin Gillette. Looking a lil foggy today. Feel in today

Watching this jail show. Last thing this dude remember s was takin acid lol. Broke into a home started hitting a woman with broom

speaking of fireworks this roman candle is getting lit off in celebration tonight #BRUINS!

#Hot106TwitterTixx hook it up, Dee. I wanna see weezy I got locked 24/7

one of my fondest memories would have to be partying and throwing snow #PricelessMoments

Let's go

Yes! #RockNSockConnection RT : we have to get back so The Rock N Sock Connection can be reunited

Let me say it again; Tim Thomas is in my wolfpack!!!!

fuckin CANNONBALL the whole neighborhood is wet wooooooooo


#SpringCleaning I really gotta get some frames/cases for all my pats shit lol

Now this shit smells damn good.


Damn the Apple smart cover is almost as cool to play with then the actual iPad. Fgtvrtvrtvrtgrtvrtgrtgtrgrtgrtgtrgtggtgbgtbfgbgvfgrvrgtgbtygtygtybytbtybyt.

Keep the field safe!!

Fnally gonna have a closet just for my jerseys! #Exciting nifty nfgiu ngf ugfn oufgn out noufg fought noguf ngofu ngofu nfgo ngofi nfgiu ngfoi ngfoi nfgiu ngfoigiovngiob

Now playing at the V: qqqqqqqqqqthvurhvurvhurvburbvivbriuvbrivurbviurvbriuvbfiuvbriuvbiuvbfiuvbriuvbuivbfviubviufnviufniufnvifuvniufnvuifsvniufvnufivnfiuvnuifvnuifvniufnviufn

Getting it it with #Gushers yeahhhh!!

My Brady Hair pipe dreams about to come to an end lol. Oh well

Fuckin A!!!!! yep #patsnation

Yes I eat great, even late. Good night tweepz