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Professional big mouth and Morning News anchor at 107.5 WABX, Evansville's Classic Rock. Generally regarded as a waste of DNA

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Here is explaining to Donnie that some bottles actually contain a beverage other than beer.

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Start kissing up at the top, that's what I say. Here's S. Central Media manager Tim playing with fire. For real.

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Clouds over West side of #Evansville earlier today #INDIANA TRI-STATEWX

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Spent today cleaning out closets... Should do it more often. How old are these?

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Difficult time at WABX. Our receptionist, Linda Goebel, passed away Saturday. Linda was one of the most beloved people here. What a special lady.

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I guess I'm still a little unconnected. Just noticed I still have my hospital bracelet on.

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Call me Nostrdamus. As I predicted last night, it was bound to happen... (Okay, so I did it. It still happened, didn't it?)

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If anyone sees this dog near Bosse High School, please call Erin @ 812-454-6312. He may have crossed Highway 41.He escaped from our pet sitter while we're out of town.

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5:30am 2-15-10 3" snow #Evansville West Side St. Joe/Mesker Park #tristatewx #wxreport

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Just got this to process 11pm snow depth 1 1/8" Evansville West Side St Joe/MeskerPk. #tristatewx #wxreport #Indiana

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We had four Chinese Shar-Pei in all. This is our last one, Roxy

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Why WABX rocks: Here's a shot of our parking lot overlooking God's beautiful creation of Evansville's West Side. See our sister stations' vans parked. "Eewww, snow! Yuk! I'll wrinkle my designer socks!" Where's WABX? Rockin' the streets? Hell yes!

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By happy coincidence, I have a few days off to sit inside and see the show from the warmth of my living room.

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As promised, here's the pic of your Chrismassy DJ in his Big Blue holiday hat. Hey, Roy, got 2K?

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#Indiana respects and honors its veterans

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Fall Festival means lots of good things to eat on the West Side, even for fowl. Serious foraging after the hard rain.

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Re: Groucho ..Studio60 fan? Hard to read, but notice the inscription on the top of the clock

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Another reason I like this summer better than last summer

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Guess my spell check isn't on Twitter, nor a basketball fan :( Go Big Blue!

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Sean Roberts and his pal. His mom won the front row Doobie Brothers tix this afternoon on 107.5 WABX. #evansville

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