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Name: Dinjinn
Element:Fire or darkness
Player controlled:You'll be sent to nether before you even touch me...
Enemy controlled:The flames of shadows will devourer you before I touch you.

Background story
Dinjinn is an entity of evil and a hint of fire aspect, he mainly lets fire elementals attack for him, for he can control the forces of darkness and fire within his power.Before turned into a demonic free fighter, he was a boy that only did good things.During the war of nulgath and dage he lost his family in the cross fire.Later he realized that he must avenge his lost loved ones.He practiced swordsmanship and dark magic.Later in an accident he met forest bandits and he killed them, he was laughing with madness in his deep black eyes.Later he met a powerful arch-witch that gave him the powers of the demon realm.The boy later changed his name to dinjinn and started a path of evil and chaos.From a nice young man to a demonic fighter, he despises nulgath and dage with all his soul, he gave his heart to a female villager he used to love.

sorry for the cheap camera...

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Name Necromancer of the sin
Element Shadow
Player controlled:I will make you a part of the sinful undead!
Enemy controlled:Care to join my undead army?

There are heroes that wish to make the world a "better" place,there are villains that want to doom it,but the sin they wish control the realm of oversoul.The necromancer of the sin wishes to destroy the forces of good and evil leaving nothing but sin and chaos.These necromancers worship chaos and the raw element it self.This is sin!

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Player speech:You are no match for the shadows at its purest.
Enemy speech:Prepare for complete destruction!!!

A shadow turned into a life eating creature.When Shaderix was born he set off to destroy the closest source of light.Later he noticed it was pointless,so he decided to absorb life energy to transform into his 5 headed hydra (lack hydra red eyes) form.

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Name Narix
Element Shadow
A prisoner from the oblivion void he is one of the few that survived all of nulgaths wars.When he fled to Dages army they took him and forced Narix to fight for dages armies.Narix wishes for the pure destruction of of everything that lives.

Player controlled:You will need 300 years of experience to even touche me.
Enemy controlled:Ha!You think you can beat me,not even in your dreams.

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My character suggestion for oversoul tell me what you think!!!!

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