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Golem totems now available in store! Breath of Bones #1 goes on sale this Wednesday!

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I just found one of these online. It helps match names to faces.

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Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem #1 will hit stores on June 12th. This week! — with Dave Wachter and Matthew Santoro.

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Tales of Terror

  • 758 days ago via site
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And two hard-boiled eggs.

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We're all getting some outdoors time today. Sonny's doing great btw. Stone deaf but healthy.

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Rico sunning in the parsley.

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100 Golems are bagged and tagged and Monica made this. We might have them up sooner then Wednesday.

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We have all the stuff for the Golem totems. I'll have them up on the store by Wednesday when the first issue of Breath of Bones comes out.

  • 761 days ago via site
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Yeah. Just like this.

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We now have tags and Golem totems. Just waiting for the little burlap sacks and then they can go up in the store. I love doing this DIY assembly line stuff.

  • 762 days ago via site
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I got the Breath of Bones Golem totems today. They were made by Jerry Constantine and he did a great job. They feel like stone, with a nice weight and smooth as worry stones. I hope to have them in the store by next week when the book comes out.

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Got an advance copy today. Hits stores next week! Very excited. Had a blast working with Dave Wachter & Matthew Santoro on this series.

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Daily Gil. Chapter 11: I, Lawnmower

  • 764 days ago via site
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Passed out. Rico has the right idea.

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Daily Gil. We found out the reason he likes to flip tables and chairs outside is because as he grows his shell itches. He has tiny little nerve endings in there, so we started brushing him with a big course brush. He seems to like it.

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Rico loves to climb. He actually made it to the top of the tree before he tumbled. Odd little tortoise.

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Greatest/Worst package art ever.

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