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Professional wrestler, occasional comic (in my own mind), and Colby's dad (my favorite job). When I grow up I want to play for the Phillies (Bullpen catcher).

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Showing some love to The Hulkster, at the Ribera Steak House in Tokyo on Sunday.

  • 1487 days ago via Spaz
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Showing some love to at Ribera Steak House in Tokyo.

  • 1487 days ago via Spaz
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This is drinking a rock star w/a straw. Maybe the most feminine thing I ever saw. Pinky out!

  • 1543 days ago via Spaz
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Rockin my before some Raiders softball!

  • 1545 days ago via Spaz
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BJ, Glamour Boy Shane, CJ O'Doyle, & I in Isle Verde, Puerto Rico enjoying good times.

  • 1551 days ago via Spaz
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Yes, this is a pic of my dogs watching ! They need to straighten up the living room b4 I get home though. Girls pfft

  • 1569 days ago via Spaz
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What you don't see next is that I gave him Thumb In The Bum!

  • 1573 days ago via Spaz
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I thought I was needed to analyze the vs. game for !

  • 1573 days ago via Spaz
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Stopped at Sheetz for gas & a poo in honor of ...yes, I didn't flush either Marti. Wawa RULES!

  • 1575 days ago via Spaz
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I really don't think & I look like this. But it was a farmer market artist. I love it anyway. Do my eyes really lool like that???

  • 1601 days ago via Spaz
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I don't know why the hell I took this pic. Every airport looks the same when you are inside the plane. Just a happy Tweeter. Yuck.

  • 1612 days ago via Spaz
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After this pic, , cried his eyes out. Well that's not true...but funny.

  • 1613 days ago via Spaz
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To : and you said I could never get a rat in NYC!

  • 1613 days ago via Spaz
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What a spoiled dog I have. Queen of the house.

  • 1613 days ago via Spaz
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Part 3/3: I think is sorry. Don't mess with THIS tough guy lady! Lol

  • 1616 days ago via Spaz
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Part 2/3: "I told you not to make me angry. Now look what you made me do."

  • 1616 days ago via Spaz
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Part 1/3: "Don't you argue w/me . I want green M'n'Ms in my locker room. Don't you make me angry. You won't like what's coming."

  • 1616 days ago via Spaz
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Behind the scenes as we shoot the 1st "Extreme Odd Couple" episode.

  • 1622 days ago via Spaz
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Just a boy and his dog. Now this is a babyface.

  • 1637 days ago via Spaz
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My Sandy girl enjoying the first snow of the winter.

  • 1678 days ago via Spaz
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