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Adia, via Paper Camera.

This is cooking up nicely.

I was fooling around with an app called paper camera and accidentally snapped this pic of my desk.


Buddy. With remy trying to horn in on the photo.

Anytime I am asked to name a dog in a game I do this:

Remington Martin.

We're wine's natural predator.

Relaxing in a friends back yard. Sunny and 75z it's a hard knock life.

Remington. Guardian of the north watch. Protector of the stairs.

If you're blu and you don't know where to go to....

The new earth defense force game's promotional swag is real and edible.

For those saying what 's reading should be when she watches TNG season 1, here's a pic of what it is.

probably my favorite picture of me and , taken at e3 2011.

Just finished blowing stuff up. No injuries. Fire safety observed. Hell of a show.

The individual ordinance for tonight, and we have another 10 seventy shot "one light" boxes.

At lunch and is cthulu'ing up the table.

Troll Sunday is trolly.

Buddy, sleepin like a boss.

Guys guys guys. Saruman has an army!!!!