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MOOOONFACE!!! A 22 year old geek trying to break into the tattoo industry :) A proud member of Slimming World! A UK MARIANAS TRENCHER :D

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I really miss having long hair...I need to stop dying it and just let it grow #nomakeup #ugly #zitface #hippacrocapig

I love having red hair :D even if it is a pain in the arse lol *yes I know the pic is weird, my camera is broken* :(

There's porridge under there somewhere haha #nomnomnom

this is really cheeky but could you please draw up a script that says Marianas Trench? I LOVE this u did :)

uh oh Dom...someone has beat you to it....

Nom nom nom in my tum ^.^ #healthybreakfast

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! #littleplop #Cody

do u know where got these skinnies please? Tbh when I find a guy I'm going to dress him like Josh

Sooo hungry after work....getting back on the SW track and instead of a coffee with biscuits, I have an apple n orange

2012 WILL be the year of UK Trenchers <3 xxx

not a chance...unless i can get pissed from this....#rockon #badassmotherfucker

calm down chris....have a cuppa!

Im such a rockstar....\m/

Rocking into 2012 with a cup of tea #bamf #rockstar what are you upto for new years

Happy New Year......wooooo :/

Sorry,WHAT?! I bet is loving the telly right now.
you're jealous of our tv right?!

This is amazing!!

my tattoo of your Lamb Of God is still very much talked about among my tattoo artist friends :)

Sidmouth is so fucking stupid! This is on a petrol pump!!!

thought I would share this brilliant picture with u guys<3

What I should probably mention is that there's normally a massive hill in the picture behind those bungalows! #FOGGY