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MOOOONFACE!!! A 22 year old geek trying to break into the tattoo industry :) A proud member of Slimming World! A UK MARIANAS TRENCHER :D

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I really want to go swimming in the sea!

are you still moaning about the British weather?

When i was at Exeter Airport i saw this advertisement for Crealy.Why is this guy havin way more camp fun than the kids?

no its not :(

Watch out ppl of Sidmouth that are heading to the Seafront.Me n this evil predator are coming to getch'ya #coiledspring

haha im watching it in 3D too...see....

the photo doesnt want to i shall post again so you can see what i get to see ^.^

i love seeing this whenever i use my phone! You look balls to the walls dappa ;)

i loved seeing this whenever i use my phone :') you look fucking spiffing hehe

The guard plop ^.^ #SeductiveEyes #NoImNotAboutToPunchHim

To this....#ihatetheUK

Hate how i went from this....

Surfing the cloud....not so fun when we went into this cloud and stayed in it for about 6mins >.< #ShittingMyPants

At 5pm it was 39 degrees....#SCORCHIO :D

OMG thats hilarious...i was 1 click away from buying the jeans Jessie J is wearing 4 weeks ago!! #R1Hackney #IAmCurrent

I wonder who this is im trying to make? :p #KatVonSim

Nice to see my sisters concern....i'll be sure to charge my mp3 player!

Hello 9syns u sexy beast #Dribble #SlimmingWorld (i use Agave syrup as my sugar as sweetener is rank, 0.5syns per tsp)

you look like u have lost shit loads of weight!!!! You didnt need to lose any if you have,dont waste away

Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there! Although the best one lives in Sidmouth :D Happy Fathers Day :) hehehe XD