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Media Tech Entrepeneur. Founder and CEO of Passionate about predictive algorithms, programmatic buying/RTA, drones, IoT and RaspberryPI. And knitting.

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What consumers think their data is worth. Divide by 10000 and see what the industry is willing to pay (via )

Strrrrike #DataDays

Now Nora-Vanessa Wohlert from EditionF about being a Founder #DataDays

Very proud to have with her Keynote 'why privacy matters' on stage #DataDays

Automated Driving - powered by Data and BMW #nürburgring #DataDays

#DataDays day 2 starts with a keynote from BMW. And then an IoT Panel...

Come on! #DataDays

Evolution of Adbuying

One of the most magic spots in Germany

Impressive live-coverage by at Medientage Austria #ömt

Philipp Welte versucht den Druck aus der aktuellen Printdebatte zu nehmen... #ömt

I like the subtle irony in this Statement for #eps14

So excited because we are shipping our first IoT device soon. It's an API viewer based on Raspberry. #iotconf

Impressive live-presentation #openHAB #iotconf

. proposes an integration layer for the smart home #openHAB #iotconf

Multiple protocols, apps and standards for the Smart Home are somehow... #iotconf

Telekom Labs demonstrate voice controlled shooting robot. #iotconf

One of the reasons why IoT will take some time for getting off the ground #iotconf #standards

If you thought the need for Data Scienctists was something new - it's actually been around for quite a while.

Sometimes i wonder whether i invest my energy and lifetime into the right industry.

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