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My favorite ladies' perfume has new swag. (Totally not digging the new look, but still lurve the scent.)

But I'm not free :<


Siri has secrets.


Trolled by iOS 7 Siri.

My iPad...

I am Batman.

Look at my mouse. Then look at my mousepad. Then look again at my mouse. #Overkill

Steam trading cards are the shit!

Say whut? Go home game loading page subtitle, you drunk.

There's a black hole inside my sneakers that's sucking my socks.

Boromir is not impressed, yet #godnehsaysorry.

Where did you come from? No wonder there's a stinging sensation on my hand.

Apparently this genre is called Korean Folk. So it's K-folk right?

Reading what the super friends are up to while waiting for my lunch. (That at the side is not my beverage.)

on Pulse too?

Just a photo of my desk so that I look like I am hard at work even during my lunch break (of cheesecake and mocha).

Even my home PC chokes on my Excel formulas.