Kelly Carman


Zoo Keeper/Sea Lion &Parrot Trainer at @TheWCS #QueensZoo. Mom to 5 Parrots, a Guinea Pig named Bacon & a Cat named Trouble. Singer, Dancer, Actor, Foodie, Nerd

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This may just be the bestest thumb drive EVER!!

This totally made my morning. My neighbor is super talented

A friend of mine from Central Park Zoo sent me this photo today. Apparently they're up all over the place now. Haha!

I used to be a chaotic good, now I'm going for a more neutral good. Haha!

"you mean this pile of clean laundry you covered with that blankie is NOT a tribute to my awesome catness?!?"

Solar recharge kitty is powering up

A two sentence summary of The Walking Dead

Ah, vacation!

Lazy lazy Sunday

I love turkey vultures!!

Does anyone want or no of anyone who might want a sweet rabbit that was found at the zoo? Contact me as soon as possible!

Rabbits are not toys. Please do your research before you buy any pet for your children.

So excited for this place to open up two blocks from my apartment. I <3 German food!

Trubs was busy while I was at work. At least it must have been some good enrichment. Haha

Trubs is so comfy right now. I hate to break it to him that I have to leave for Zumba in 10 min. Poor spoiled kitty!

Do these crocuses know its February and not March? Is it spring already?

How am I supposed to get up off the couch when this is laying on me. He's soo spoiled!

And this is the face I get when he realizes I'm taking pics of him to tweet and post on Facebook. Haha!