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Musician, scientist, Home-educator. I like sewers, mineshafts, accordions, absinthe, bunkers, and hanging round underwater Victorian follies in a mankini.

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Unexpectedly involved in hotwiring a Range Rover.

An evening that's so full of win..

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

Always good to find a book you've been after for ages. Compelling stuff. :-)

Banished from the house while OH studies so hanging round the docks. Not getting up to any mischief. Oh no. Not us. :-)

Intended to go down the mines this weekend. Ended up with a CT scan and a lumbar puncture. Not a good week. :(

Part 6 continued. Finally got bastard pulley off. Wish I had all my tools here. #waterpumpadventure

Part 4 done. I think these award winning sausages deserve a 'part 5' all of their own. Dinnertime! #waterpumpadventure

Part 3 complete. Water pump and belt in our possession. Now onto Part 4 - The return to Bridport! #waterpumpadventure

Made it onto the 'Coffin dodger Jurassic express'. Complete with bootleg CD dealer! On to part 3! #waterpumpadventure

Extra spanners acquired. Cheap Silverline crap though. Hope they don't snap. Part 2 complete. #waterpumpadventure

Doesn't matter where I go, there's always a problem with the toilets or drains .. :-)

The old ones are always the best. (Humourless #feminists probably shouldn't click the link) :-)

If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?

Yayy! The postman just arrived with my first birthday card of the year. I am lucky to have such thoughtful friends. :-)

There's no business like show business like no business I know. . Etc. Etc. Etc #isittimetogohomeyet?

One affliction I carry from my dubious past is the inability to ignore piles of used veggie oil. #biodiesel

Bloody hot in the lab today. Probably a bit unprofessional to strip down to my boxers. Tempting though.

All covered in diesel again. Time to light a ciggie. :-)

Waiting patiently for yet another awards dinner to begin.. Yawn.. Roll on 23:00

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