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Anyone else see the similarity?

  • 1453 days ago via site
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The greatest episode of Doctor Who yet... and it takes place on Facebook.

  • 1464 days ago via site
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Ouch. I hear red lipstick is a bitch to clean up 0:)

  • 1527 days ago via site
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One of the pictures from last night. They turned out very well :)

  • 1535 days ago via site
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Now... ukulele time! XD

  • 1549 days ago via site
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Okay, it might make me a bad person but I laughed. It's just one of those freaky coincidences, nothing to do with the content.

  • 1564 days ago via site
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Just got me a really rather beautiful SIGNED copy of the new Artemis Fowl book! XD I just about died in the shop!

  • 1741 days ago via site
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Admire my mum's amazing camera work. You can't gauge the height and yes, that is her finger. She WAS holding it up to her eye though.

  • 1873 days ago via site
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This was too cute not to share =D My first time in a photo booth.

  • 1875 days ago via site
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All day I've slowly been turning blue. Bad case of frostbite or bitten by a radioactive Smurf? Uh no, the dye ran off my scarf in the rain. Oh.

  • 1888 days ago via site
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Just FYI, there were Harry Potter 3D glasses (as pictured) floating around cinemas around the time of OotP's release =)

  • 1896 days ago via site
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So I e-mailed my coursework that needs to be done by tomorrow home and - well, this. HELP!?

  • 1909 days ago via site
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Snow? On the beach? This isn't right...

  • 1935 days ago via site
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While the rest of Southern England suffers from the blizzard we - well we pretty much don’t.

  • 1937 days ago via site
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The grossest thing ever?

  • 1983 days ago via site
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Just found the old banner from the wrock band me and my friend formed years ago! It’s almost as bad as we were! #potterday

  • 2004 days ago via site
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Because I'm a potternerd and it’s #potterday. My DH Luna Lovegood costume...

  • 2004 days ago via site
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How am I supposed to concentrate on my work when these kids are staring at me!?

  • 2062 days ago via site
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Watching my HBP DVD!

  • 2115 days ago via site
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Yes please!

  • 2126 days ago via phone
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