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btw! That's not the real Spotty cat! It's an imposter or decoy. (depends on who is asking!) You made this too!

. I saved all the images you made for me! Remember this one for #FreeGary :))

: ArtStudio (iphone)” :))

: ArtStudio (iphone)” on it! Thanks! Xoxo

: that is.” awesome! What app do you use to write on twitpics? Like... I love em

scarier! :))

: Ummm, guess what? It is...home! For now, at least. Yes?” pretty, yes? The purple pillow & lamp!

can you see the tan SUV? There are several in the background that move slowly. This place is locked down lol

things got very chaotic around birthday (Thursday) so I took a few steps back to remember what's important

I would but I just realized I'm missing a whole box of books! Where is "The Other Side of Deception?"

for new avie

and now this!

that's FIVE pcs, four iPhones, one iPAD, four droids, one
Kindle and thirteen blackberries.

SOme interesting "stuff" going on!

: Resolving technical difficulties, I hope?” always!

don't fuck with me! Juris Diction !! I have new video app and I'm not afraid to use it !!!