your viewpoint changes depending on where u point ur view

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Even the express lanes are barely crawling...

Fits to a tee

side angle. Mucho paint on this one. :o

A priest a rabbi and a minister walk into a bar....


Sleeping it off.....finally....

I will never...drink...again.....I....mean... it.....nevah......

Heat seeking missle

mom too. Meow meow meow meow meow meow

Loving the new heated throw blanket. Mellting were mellllting.

Hot radiator

Good boy praying. Too bad Buddhism hasn't altarboys...

What is 1 plus 3? I don't do them fancy numbers and schnazzy addin' and all...*hork, spit*

Wiped out after the Let's Wake Up Mom workout! Where are you Richard Simpson?

Thinks he's Ra

same goes here :)

Turkeys in the wild

Turkeys in the wild

What the cats got us up for, really

Toasty radiator