Californian in Yokohama. Has a penchant for music games and 4-panel manga. カリフォルニアからの横浜に住んでいる留学生。音楽ゲームや4コマ漫画好き。 IIDX: SNARE @ 3746-1244 / jubeat: S. SNARE

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\ dat haneman / 勝利! 東風戦 27200点で 1位!

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I don't get how this works. I guess I'll assume it's 16℃ right now?

I don't get how this works. I guess I'll assume it's 16℃ right now?

こんな言葉遣いがあったか…どんな意味だろう。パワーアップとか1UPとか? So apparently a term like this exists, but what for? Like, say, a power-up or 1up?

Whenever I get pho for lunch pho isn't even the thing I look the most forward to anymore.

Today in Japanese language that makes me щ(゚Д゚щ) < WHAAAAT: "omiotsuke", or miso soup.

By the way, on the subject of Nageki... 37% in Kaiden. That's failing right before the glissandos.

"Big" cup ramen? Color me curious. I bet it's just as filling as normal size.

If you wanna try looking for it whenever you get a chance, here's a picture of it:


An omake for ' Under The Same Sky project: the fading day will live forever.

For ' Under The Same Sky project: Clouds all around, but the sun's still shining.


Incidentally, the /real/ kite right next to it has a bullet point missing from the inflatable one: "fun to fly":

Inflatable kites?! NOW THAT'S JUST CHEATING.

Even Snoopy trains babies in seventh dan survival tactics. #getit

taptaptap is hella giving its users crap for not getting used to their UI changes or something.

Ah, I didn't actually post the picture of the wonderful skyline in question -- here we go:

the most terrible #cardsagainsthumanity q&a