21 years old. I like some things and don't like some things. I'm edgy that way.

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I work the caulk like a pro #dirtytradesmentweet.

Here comes the mother effing snow bitches

Movember week 2. I wear this creeper stache 24/7, the least you can do is donate to a good cause http://mobro.co/SpencerDubas

ANNNNDDD pie w/ ice cream #imfat

And chocolate chip too!

Peanut butter cookie <3

Spencer's Omelette Bar: y'alls missing out

this is the picture Spencer was suppose to tweet you, disregard the other picture please...

Chocolate chip banana bread. Hashtag winning

Empty fridge omelette: cut up hot dog, processed cheese and week old onion.

Pulled pork sandwich with pulled pork poutine. It's no but it's still delicious

My sister all ready to go trick-or treating:

I think I did I pretty good job. #roastdinner

Here's my Canucks pumpkin fjdndkdkdbdjdjcncjxjdnnxxnkxndkdkdkdndndjjddnjdjdkdndjdjdjdndjjdkdkdjddjdjdjdjdndkdkdndjdjdkdkjdjdjdjdjdjdjdj

My computer chair is broken, and guess where this little boy ends up. Fkdjdndjdndjjxkxndjdkdnndjdjdjdnejdjjdjjfjfjdjddjdjdjdjjdjd

My sisters Halloween costume that me and her have been working on. What do you think?

Finally! Music again!

Damn I love me some perogies!