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Bit of molten sunset action behind the Thames, earlier.

The view from Tattershall Castle on the Thames.

Best beer mat ever? Quite possibly.

Sunset win.

Excellent evening of acoustic tunes courtesy of . Great gig.

After yesterday's horrendous rain, Amsterdam is far brighter today.

Epically cool Predator model I found in shop in Amsterdam. A snip at 480 euros...

Apparently this old medieval tower in Luxembourg is called 'Hollow Tooth'. Which is pretty cool.

In Bruges. Lovely place. The beer is sublime too.

Anyway, enough about books - I'm meant to be on holiday. Here's the Royal Palace in Brussels, earlier.

Would love a house like this one day...

Some cool stuff has landed on my desk today, but miniature Snaga beats them all.

Some tasty advance copies of THE EDINBURGH DEAD by Brian Ruckley and GERMLINE by T. C. McCarthy.

A photo from my rambling earlier. Living in the UK, you don't see blue skies like that very often.

Jim Butcher fans, behold what just landed on my desk! Not long now. ;)

"Thank you for helping make the start less shit." The eloquent on my meagre editing 'skillz'

Brandon Sanderson, whilst filming a great video piece earlier.

London is gloriously sunny today. Blue skies like this have to be recorded for future generations.

More Assyrian awesomeness from my museum trip yesterday.

My favourite thing though remains the Assyrian lion, circa 865 BC.