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Has-been rock star. Delusional method actor. Superior multimedia critic. Local sex offender. My mind is a Swiss army knife.

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Sometimes karma takes a while. Sometimes it doesn't.

Yessss. Old friends and dirty drum 'n bass tonight.

Wait, what? Really?

"Wanna come over and watch a movie?", I ask. They all react the same.

*looks outside*

Got a call that I can pick up a brand new bike this afternoon.

Me: "so yeah i prefer kof 98 over 2002 because strikers and benimaru are essential to my metagame yknow"


Aaaaaand I'm up.

Dave Grohl being right about things.

This is what happens when I need to go to bathroom badly, but I don't want to leave the internet.

I like talented women.

LOL. Good morning.

Haven't slept in almost 32 hours and I'm actually kind of enjoying the sensation. I give myself two hours before:

From the ashes something better will rise.

re: becoming a better man and a more responsible adult

I don't have a hangover and I'm eating sushi in bed. Excuse me, but:

I think she just heard about what I'm planning to do to her.