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3D Programmer at Ubisoft Montreal, currently working on Watch_Dogs. These are my personal opinions.

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We're being watched...

Watching the #PS4 announcement conference with the rest of the #Watch_Dogs team.

In portrait mode, if I click on an image then turn my phone in landscape mode, there's a bug after Close.

I think I'm ready for a 64GB iPhone 5... #iphone5 #OutOfSpace

I won Apple's contest! This looks legit, there's ";apple.ca" in the URL. What could go wrong? #spam

The Offspring soon coming on stage! Woohoo! #FEQ #TheOffspring

I wonder if they're also selling eyeliner?

I started coding on a Commodore 64 when I was 12. Used Basic mostly, then I learned assembly with this book.

Here's how my #TuneLink setup looks like in my Mazda5.

OMG! Limited edition Corn Flakes! They're finally available! #fail #badmarketing

Not sure I like the new fire hydrant style in #montreal. #fail

Funny little easter egg in when pulling too far to refresh...

Finally got my #Bose QuietComfort 15 noise cancelling headphones! Crazy sound, no noise! Came with iPhone remote.

"LeatherLyke", or how to make something fake sound hot...

Had my 1st lunch on Ubi's great roof terrace today! It was pretty hot outside with no shade...

Weird accident on Papineau blvd in #Montreal this morning. How can something like this happen?

Spring has decided to ignore Montreal too!

Time to assemble the new PC!

What's the difference between "Retweet" and "Always Retweet"?

Bug? I can't have the week calendar show Sunday as the first day. See my settings.

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