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Alter-ego of Broadcast Journalist @RadioKate. I want to go to space. There has to be a way. Help me find it.

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We just sang this at #spaceup #sd

Listening to at #spaceup #sd

Here's our #spaceup #sd grid:

Full crowd for 's discussion: "Has NASA turned into a zombie?" #spaceup #sd

And we're off! Complete with in a space suit! #spaceup #sd hooray!

Super cool also is that the put Mars rover 360 degree images up when we were in future flight centre! #nasatweetup

The vertical motion simulator at is the most insanely awesome thing I've seen in a longtime! #nasatweetup

Check out this awesome air traffic control simulator at #nasatweetup

Natalie Batalha () introduces us to her family of #Exo planets #nasatweetup

This is my reading material for my flight: #spacenomad

Here's the card I've put in the post for Tim Kopra, it's like a mini-book with 10 pages of good wishes! :)

I just bought this big map of the US so I can mark the #spacenomad journey so far!

I'm not sure how got stuck in a cabinet at the Evergreen though!

It is great that Evergreen museum has a panel about commercial space companies, but bad typo!

Oops! This one too: Spruce Goose and Sopwith Camel

A couple of pics of the Spruce Goose

I'll post proper pictures on Flickr soon but here are a few I took on my phone...

Enjoyed the Evergreen Museum of aviation and space, again. Great display layout. Here's the Mercury 10 capsule #spacenomad

This is what the Evergreen Museum's plans for a waterslide out of a 747 look like:

Here's a Flying Jenny for though...