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Iowa graduate - non-profit employee (@LurieChildrens) - baseball junkie - #Blackhawks - guilty of photo food - former Blackhawks STH - now a Cubs STH

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8 am and I need the Valium from the first leg of the flight to reactivate.

Went down at lunch and got some of Joel Quenneville's marinade line for dinner tonight. Flavor is Stalberg.

Well this could potentially be problematic.

#PlayoffBeard UPDATE: After 15 days, I'm considering switching to an all plaid wardrobe.

I only ask for one thing on my birthday. French Silk Pie made by my mom.

If there's any reason to come to the Cell, it's #tailgating.

Matte hot pink. WTF.

We're doing this weekly now but here's #PlayoffBeard Update #2. After one week...

May want to change the date on this one

This does not suck.

These tickets I won have an Aisle on them I've never even heard of. Gonna rub elbows with the rich people.

Anyone else think it's ironic who graces May on the Hawks calendar? #invisibleman

[smacks forehead]

Playoff beard status: CLEAN SHAVEN.

A big THANK YOU to for this special delivery

This was easily my favorite thing inside.

It's been a while. I made sure to stretch before.