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I'm all out of fucks to give. Sorry

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ugh… Andy, I know that feel bro

Mission accomplished. #COD:BO2 #DiamondCamo #stuntin #hashtaghashtaghashtag

Like father like son

Life is complete #DemClassics

LOL! Yes he did. Cj2k and The entire eagles fucked everybody. McCoy was my first pick. What a bust

He had three touchdowns. That guy must have been pissed.

He had three touchdowns. That guy must have been pissed

I got it! Some guy tried to sell me his demo as soon as I step out of GameStop #truestory

I ask myself why

yay! By the way, you and Adrian peterson took your profile pictures in a vehicle LOL

Got my hopes up. What a let down. Dick move CVS. Dick move

well, I'll be at amc mission valley tonight waiting in line. FUCKING STOKED. #foreveralone

how about this one... #hatersgonnahate

RT RT : So the Heat bout to pull it off huh? Haha them haters hate to see LeBron get this close

you monster!

Everybody here is going to EDC

I found a picture of you guys together. Has anybody told you look strikingly similar to Liam Hemsworth?

Shows up to school early to get work done.......... Finds out the Internet is down campus wide. #sigh

Stays up all night finishing hw assignment.................. receives email that says no class in the morning #selfMEME

Motivation is at all time low ladies and gentlemen

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