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Yall be killin me with the twitcons smh...

Look at that indent tho lmaooo!

Some people just shouldnt wear bathin suits.

This nigga jumped on the wave pool wearing this.... Mind you we are at a #waterpark

Ok here's another one... Her shorts says " free trey" sooo im guessin someone name trey is locked up.

Her shorts says "bams's bitch" sooo im guessin she belongs to "bam" lmaooo!

This guy still has his whole fit on and as you can see the floatin device became apart of the fit

This guy still has on his whole fit and as you can see the floaty became part of the fit #theghettonessatadventureislandonmemorialday

Tutu number 2 (peep the fat lady) #theghettonessatadventureislandonmemorialday

This is tutu number one #theghettonessatadventureislandonmemorialday


Orgasim in my mouth


Coolin :)

Nigga got that fresh fade!



What the fuck is this?!?

Peep the weave, the boots and lets not forget her custom made shorts!

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