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Good stuff.. in my own mind the way I look, directly translates into the way I think.. today I wore my platform shoes (5 inches lethal heels) I really like the feeling.. on the top of the world.. yes platforms for studio work... KAT 30X40 painting Sophia (sold)

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millefeuille...or donut...ah, skip it!...Bonjour!...(Allegro Rondo --Sophia)

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HAVE A HAPPY FUN SUNDAY! (#painting 68x78 - Sophia)

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My pals they all do their thing they parachute- and here I go-I am landing so fine- Blue Sunset (detail) by Sophia

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one more of my quick sketches..."Ingenue" she likes to dance a little and relax a little...i do the same...

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"just a doodle i paint hour ago...i think this "jeune fille" s' is ok!

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Why not me... why not you...
(blue identity #art #painting by Sophia)

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..a little suave...rust, caramel, indian rose, moss,carminem,deep black, juggling with words and images, in search for human heart... (quality of mystery- #painting by Sophia sld)

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The Enchanted Sunday...a little pose in our ferocious lives...oh well, mondays are good too...(Sistine -oil #painting by Sophia- sld)

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A girl got to say what got to say... or is it: girl got to do what got to do...
( Mon Amour- #painting by Sophia)

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They met at Chantilly race.. his invitation to her read: "The Art of living"...

(- Diplomat - #painting by Sophia 50x50)

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chocolate cake ..or baba au rhum..will fight over it...
( Sinfonia 60x60 #painting by Sophia sld)

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Desire in camouflage...they can get out and head off in search of destination...
( part of -Stimulating Fusion- #painting by Sophia, sld)

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Ah, the unforgettable dazzlement of that first encounter...enchanted moment...alas, an undertaking of some folly and then... (Mal-Aimé-- by Sophia sld}

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Happy Happy Sunday! (delight--Sophia)

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Yes, you can talk and shout in colors you can dream in colors... colors, COLORS, colors...
(Color ID- Sophia -sld)

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...Lavish gateau forming a crown with caramelised cream puffs surrounding a mound of snowy cream... Cream Sophia (sld)

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Thousand forms bloom bubbles of play, happiness, and adventure…on silk playground…Painting 48x72 by Sophia (sld)

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Automne, tableau vivant of a magnificent theater that holds within the crystallin beauty of next spring... Transfiguration--- painting by Sophia (sld)

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In the mysterious workings of desire, crying out for a caressing! Il est là...le jour de mariage... (proposal in blue--by Sophia. sld)

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