Mx advocate athletic damsel. A blogger-model. Vivid taste of Scorpion sting. Pristine water nymph of Salmacis cream. Bollywood lamb trapped in a lion's body.

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For the longest time I thought my ears were slightly uneven. Turns out it was just my sunglasses. #PersonalDiary

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Come out and burn some calories as we party, and sweat it ALL out! #FitnessSaturday

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It's impossible both figuratively and literally, to fill your heart with things outside of yourself.

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"Don't let your mouth get you into something your ass can't handle." #BadGirl

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#PersonalDiary Reason can explain feelings, but it won't dissolve them. #stayFLAWLESS #HappyNoMakeup

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Science and Spirituality can get along so well, it's a shame we don't let those two hang out more. Spices it up!

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The essence of sexuality is a good car service and reliable escort agency..... It's all part of the convenience...#RuptureFilm

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Sometimes I forget that despite my best efforts, it's all still going to work out fine. #PersonalDiary coming soon!

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Conflict in your life's like an infection: Left unresolved, it'll create more. #RuptureFilm

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Join me wishing our skipper Gautam Gambhir a very happy birthday! Korbo lorbo jeetbo re, India! #ThrowbackThursday

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Wearing 's sequin top, DVB jeans, and Scarlet heels feel like one of the Spice Girls. #PersonalDiary

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If you're eating a local, organic, heritage Lapu-Lapu..make sure it has a beard, tattoos, and wearing skinny jeans

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WOW PUBLISHER SALE $2.00 of all printed Model Up Magazines #MUMOct2013 #Photography

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agitates against patronizing and seeks the beauty in every person #SweetRebelMagazine enjoy and spread the vibe #Amsterdam

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If something's eating at you, bite back. Regret's reserved for what we leave undone. #ModelUpMagazine

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I have no hostility to nature, but a child's love to it. I expand and live in the warm day like corn and melons.

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#LifeWithoutRisk If you want to find happiness, find work with meaning #Kamasutra3D

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#InAnother100Years Excuses just about always have the opposite of their intended effect.

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