Film and TV Editor. UCLA Film School Alumnus. Head of Video Staff, UCLA Marching Band. Former Disneyland Cast Member and occasional Imagineer.

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what's your home address so I can send you back your junk?

I'll just post this now. Give it a few hours and it'll be funny.

I've been seeing a duplicate of each event in the app. Is this a known issue?

Seriously, this is not cool. In Tokyo they actually say you can't lift your camera above eye level.

Started watching “30 for 30” on Netflix only to be surprised by the appearance of a mustached

Dear ESPN,
You forgot an asterisk.
Love, John

I finally stopped by my parent's house to pick up my DVD. Looking forward to watching it!

Got myself this little guy from Tokyo Disney Sea.

TIL Google Maps can show you what's on various levels inside a mall or metro station.

. Have you seen this man?

What a pleasant surprise to see during the Lynda ad during this week's TWiT!

If this was true, why did wait 3 years to say it?

Facebook has such weird little ways of monetizing their site..

Do you think Disneyland is getting a lot of calls about the Annual Pass price increase? 30 minutes on hold so far.

Check out the license plate saw today!


That one time played a comic book collector on Numb3rs. I almost didn’t recognize him without the beard.

Thankfully I had a which showed me the errors that the car computer wouldn't show me.

Have the eyes on the flower Mickey at the front of Disneyland always been convex like this?

Looks like confused Facebook’s Paper with the Paper iPad app.

You probably shouldn’t automate your relationship…