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wonderland spotting on this chicks laptop while waiting with for DayGlow tickets! Are you gonna come?

nights like these are the reason I love life, but if I'm late to I will be livid.

hologram stunnas. #ohhi

a million sad faces all in a row. #homesickness #nothelping

a million sad faces all in a row. #homesickness #nothelping

Being forced to watch The South Pacific. Always down for new adventures, but musicals are the worst. #saveme

missing my hair! still not used to my new little haircut. what do you think?!

I'm not 5, I promise.. #eatme

looks like everyone is having a good time at ! so excited for ! good friends doing big things! <3

oopsie, no one stopped me when I walked in super early during sound check. nor are they kicking me out <3 #hollaaaaaa

speedwalked/ran two blocks in the heavy rain to to get an umbrella. #jcBostonsavestheday #thanks <3

Boston you're so beautiful today!

weekend on the cape with the fam > hangover headache weekend parties in Boston. #xoxoSoleil

being weird with my dad.... #nothingnew

grateful i'm able to take my dad out for nice LosAngeles dinners. #19goingon24 #justbecause

Santa Monica chillin, getting the California feel back. Miss not having something to do every 4minutes... #calilife

love salt&pepper hipster couples <3

cheers to mgk.... #laceup #fmlgotcarded