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The new look....what are your views? very mobile, socially integrated and easy to navigate with massive content

a photo moment with Yvone Chaka Chaka in our studios.

Yvone Chaka Chaka at West FM studios talking about water and hygiene in the western province.

Yvone Chaka Chaka at our West FM studios.....

The idiocy of Bungoma Council to repair a tarmac road with murram. Nkt

All sorts of manner of stuff is going on here with a chick on her 8th Black ice...the dude be mezaing mate....with his hand all over her

this student hana bahati...#bendoverlingala ashawo style...

haiya twende kazi

walalala do this gals know we are in the village....wanatingisha pwana...

still laughing at this #namateteband and how they were dancing

The guest of honor Prof. Ruth Otunga with the West Media Group Chairman at the graduation.

hahahahahahaha #graduation

#graduation hahahahah this has me laughing. Even if in the village, the nairobi feeling must be there...

#namateteband where is this fellow running to? hope not towards me #graduation

#Namateteband education is key to empower the youth to give them a platform to be able to make them competitive. #graduation

#graduation Graduands performing a skit to depict the problems of infidelity #mpangowakando

The college students following the proceedings keenly. West Kenya one of the few successful teacher colleges in the county.

chilling in the office on sunday. not cool....

and r preping the music for the nairobi studio cc

getting ready for the launch of the WESTFM NAIROBI studio at 4.

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