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Tengo más defectos que virtudes, pero Dios me bendijo con los mejores idolas e idolos que alguien puede pedir.

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Juro que no hay mejor sensacion que ver esto en la calle.

2009. Cute boy singing "me + you" and "aye, aye, aye", the boy made me smile on that video, he made me love him since that day. Right now. Breathing. Listening One Time. Looking at your posters. Remembering when you putted foot on my country. Crying. It is weird that in Canada, Ontario, London, Hospital St. Judes, 2nd floor Room 126, 1st march. 1994, 12:56 am Tuesday will change our lives, not only change it, BE our lives. More than a singer, you help me to start and finish every day. You the main character of my dreams, my heart and my mind. You are my world, my life, my role model and inspiration. Im breathing for and because of you. Thank you for lighting up the world, for believing in us when nobody does, for being always with your Beliebers. Thank you for working so hard, for being the best of my life. Thank you for teaching me how to believe and never say never. Thank you because without u i wouldnt have my beautiful friends and family: Beliebers <3 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Don't know where i'd be without you. You are my sunshine. Its amazing how a person that lives miles aways from me, a person i never met i love him more than anything. You put a smile on my face every single day. You make me cry. You make me scream, laugh, cry, and feel PROUD. Proudness. Not everyone can feel that, Im in the lucky ones. Im proud of who you are today. Im proud of your awards, your million of Beliebers and fans. Im proud of how you grew up, and how i grew up by your side. Im proud of the excellent person you are. And i promise you whatever happens, whatever you do, whatever you say, wherever you are, I'll always be here, because im honored and proud of being a Belieber.
You grew up, you cutted your hair, you had girlfriends, you dyed your hair, you did "f*uck you", you changed from that Canada cute and little boy to that Sexy Canadian, you say swag almost every second, you said Canda and The North Pole are continents, and a lot more. You make mistakes like i do and thats why you are my idol, because i love you, i believe in you and i will never leave you.
2030. You'll have a family. So I will. I maybe dont open Twitter anymore, I maybe not love your music anymore, but i canswear you something. I'll be proud to tell my sons and daughters "I AM AND I WAS A BELIEBER".

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Odio las fotos en los baños pero no tenia otra forma de mostrarles mi nueva remera.

ignoren cara y pelo pero tengo mi nueva remera de Biebah.

here is the other pic, sorry for the bad quality. Hope its ok!

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here is the pic!

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My beauty treasures

Love it

Miley and Emma

Love this

Yey <3

Haha GREAT . It always makes me smile

My fuckin neck

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