Lakers Fan, Wrestling Junkie and Horror Film Nut. Born and raised in Los Angeles. Cooking is my hobby. Some say it's my gift. I say Eat, Love and Boogie.

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Beautiful day in Hollyweird. Heres a pic of Capitol Records. =)

"Little Ginger Moron" #PiranhaDD This tweet is dedicated to bc she has something against gingers. Lol

So glad dumbshit cop boy got the trident to the face. =) #PiranhaDD

=-) #PiranhaDD

Found me some more cheap B-movie #horror goodness. Looking forward to the pirahna one more than the other. ;)


Noooo!!! Not my Dedee you dirty #VAMP I love her.

May end up falling asleep to this one. #NowWatching VAMP (1986) starring Grace Jones. Love her & this film.

#NowWatching 'MAGNUM FORCE' (1973) starring Clint Eastwood. *GASP* Look at the size of his pistol!! Lol

I've gone wayyy old-school back to the 70's. #NowWatching 'GARGOYLES' w/Jennifer Salt & Cornel Wilde. (1972)

LOL! "The funeral is about to begin.. SIR!!" #Phantasm

#NowWatching 'PHANTASM' as I clean up this devils den of a home. lol

To welcome you to the #Demons club, here's a pic of an oldie but goodie tee of mine. :)

My fashion for a rainy day in L.A. today. :-) #Phantasm

Haha! I totally feel ya. Love mine but I cant tell u how many times I nearly tripped over this guy.

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast on a bed of romaine lettuce, avocado, red onion, tomatoes, & topped w/feta cheese.

I've got that Thrill Me shirt & I got this poster. Great stuff from FR.