Lakers Fan, Wrestling Junkie and Horror Film Nut. Born and raised in Los Angeles. Cooking is my hobby. Some say it's my gift. I say Eat, Love and Boogie.

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Feeling in a devilish kind of mood. Throwing on 'The Omen' "It's all for you Damien!"

Feeling in devilish kind of mood at the moment. Throwing on 'The Omen' right now.

#NowWatching Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare #Horror #Movies #FreddyKrueger

Closing up at a bar that knows me all too well. =)

Didn't cross my mind not to. Why the hell not? Its Friday Night. Hahaha!!!

I love it when a girl wears red. VvvV

#NowWatching A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 The Dream Child

#NowWatching A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 The Dream Master #Horror #Movies #FreddyKrueger

Hey, so I'm taking a walk in my old neighborhood on this hot day. Any guesses where?

Okay so I took a short detour today down this street. Real nice day for walk. Any guesses where?

Just another typical night in L.A. Film shooting at the Los Feliz.

HELLZ YEAH!!! #Horror #Movies #Collection #NOES #FreddyKrueger

Ready for Blade II Just hit play. =)

I'm ready too. lol

"Hey baby, right before I stick my big sausage in ya, what do they call ya?" "They call me... Shitaar." #BloodDiner

Yup, just like me. Georgie is such a clown. Haha!! Love it! #BloodDiner

'BLOOD DINER makes a man hungry & not just for food. Lol =-P #BloodDiner

Finally after all these years I get to watch 'BLOOD DINER' on DVD again. So Damn Happy!! Woohoo!!

I just checked my mailbox & it looks like I can finally watch 'Blood Diner' again. So Damn Happy! Woohoo!

Beautiful day here in Hollyweird. Heres a pic of Capitol Records. =)