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I think I know about the NBA. I'm also the nicest guy you follow. #Celtics #LifeComesAtYouFast

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RT : Exactly RT : Don't touch my child idc what they did to you. I will deal with it.

RT : wife used summers eve so I'm springtime fresh

"That's disgusting."

Her: "I'll pay you $50k."


Me: RT : Y'all wouldn't let a woman piss on you for 50 racks tax free????

RT : RT with your reaction to this lakers shot chart

hope Fallon asks him where that fitted went RT : Bobby Shmurda on tomorrow!

Fire tweets, ugly avi pioneer

RT : Imagine if a nigga ate u from the back while u were making grits. Neck be burnt up as shit

RT RT : RT with a pic of you & a celebrity people say you look like"

Nerlens Noel looks like Doug E. Doug

Nerlens Noel looks like Doug E. Doug

When you find the girl who broke ya heart got cheated on and left a single mom by the next dude she chose

"Fresh line up and I pulled me a dime"

"Went raw and now she due in 6 months"

"Fresh line up and I pulled me a dime"

LeBron's hairline ebbs and flows like the tide, dawg

RT : Right RT : Spaghetti a staple at BBQ's, hell YALL talmbout