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See. What the fuck happened?

#Obsessed #Dont #X

Yeah, totally makes sense to send me a fucking German email.

Still going strong. :)

Hi Apple TV :)

How do I fix this? Nothing opens. No Control Panel, No RegEdit. Nothing.

When you fully understand the impact you have on the lives around you. Every single notification reminds me of you.

I’m in. But now I get this.

Still hangs here.

so I got it, installed it.

When I connect my laptop to my HD TV this is what happens. No matter what resolution my laptop is set to output.

B815 first and i3 second.

B815 first and i3 second.

Screw it.

also, this is how it came, is this bad?

also. This is how it came. Is it bad?

Copy tweet, new tweet, paste, tweet as your own tweet.

Yup. Getting better by the day! //