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New twitcon coming right up.


Jesus Christ, I'll pour A1 Steak Sauce all over them thighs girl! Amen...

Lights out.

When people ask me if I can fly, I tell em.. "Sure, for a little while."

You've got to hold on tight to the good things in life!!

Huge picnic poppin @ Hollyvale. Can a nigga get a soda!? Lol

To anybody who have, or will subtweet me disrespectfully in the near future..

Oldddd throwback pic of me. Few weeks after Michael Jackson passed away. #Hollywood. Not the best picture quality lol.

This throwback picture of my pops >>>>> Ain't nobody fuckin with em.

I hate that "Red eye" shit the camera be doing to my eyes.

New twitcon.

I don't wear Jordans. I'm rocking them bread 7's!

Lol I see you big homie .

Lol he's ready for the matchup forsure.



I feel your struggle, Spongebob.