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OTRB 08-29-2013 I'm now AngelSmokey8 #AngelGang-I spend my days chasing after butterflies, taking long naps; proud member of Angel Squadron #TheAviators #Angels

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I let my oldie but goodie brofur Lazarus wear it. I do believe this is first pic ever taken.

hiya Olly! Thx u for my bootiful #TeddyOlympics medal! You're so generous giving us da medals. Purrs

Remembering Petie: and da blankie u sent me. Bit worse for wear, but in use by Princess //Thx u! #nipclub

Here's my try Sam.

PUDDLES! She's getting da royal treatment !! Two cans of toona! Da sisfur is hungry. Purrs. Welcome back Puddles!

Mom sez she feels in her heart Puddles OTRB. Thank you for purrayers for her. Dis is her pawtrait by .Miss her

MOL! I can't even get in jail when I've been QuizMaster. But this is my jail avi #furspawty


There won't be problems. We luvs this painting "Be Not Afraid" wif all da angels watching - purrs

we had great holidays! My brofur broke into my nip stash & trying to have less treats. Purrs #petchat

No sooner they saw me wif my 2 gifts, they came and took over! MOL. Purrs. You da best SekretSanta!

I was finally able to open my two gifts left! Thx you so much!

These are da two taking over my gifts! MOL!

This is Sebastian having fun

This is seen if destruction

This is da most mom was able to get ! Dat nip is good. I even rolled around even after Mom cleaned da floor!

Thanks you! I got my SS gift but it was opened by my brofur Sebastian

MOL! I just got a whiff! You saw what Sebastian did? Purrs