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UK Librarian, Information Literacy advocate and erstwhile motorcycle pillion.

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Been away, just got back, still feel like the world is moving round me. Missed all the election hoohah. Vietnam is surreal.

Today my stomach feels like this

Under the copper beech on Thursday

Hairdresser mentioned I have a few grey hairs - is she right? :'/

Haven't taken any pictures today, but I am pleased with the effect of this from the weekend

Nice! Race you!

NICK just left the train! He said goodbye!

How did I not see the spider creeping up on him when I took this?



Well, it's Monday tomorrow so I guess a few of us will be a bit down. This cheered me up.

This is what it looks like to eat a Marmite Breakfast Bar (parental permission granted).

Welcome home!

In other news Georgina and George appear to be setting up home together. He is one happy pheasant!

They don't need that much apparently, but he has that much available.

Finally for posing

This is friendlier of llamas

For and all llama fans, this is one of our neighbours & friends (sorry for quality)

and Chocolate!

and lamb