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Well, i'm a punk sports fanatic from e'kasi who loves dry humor and hates everything else.

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Nature at its best. This is totally cool.

Nature at it's best, This is totally cool.

Check this out, Zuma at his best. RT : Julius Malema, trying to turn workers against Pres Zuma.

Here is something you can check out, might not be dali tambo but it's pretty cool

You and me both, check it out RT : I Wanna Slap Zuma On Both His Heads

here is why zuma will be vote out,

I am with them, we shall campaign against him, look what he did.

He did visit the scene, So what, Who cares, check him out. classic JZ.

I do want him to step down, he made Lindiwe of the DA* cry, check it.

Hey! Check this out, you'll laugh your butt off.

Hahaha, Here is another one. RT : Hahaha! Awesome!

Here is another good troll Sahsa.

He should resign... this is why.

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