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and inside! NOMS.

and inside! NOMS.



Everything is awesome!

no roof is slanted but we do have holy hell icicles.

my dogs think it is great. That pile is about 1.3 - 1.5 meters.

snow alongside my car. Have to get in on left side bc right ride has window - high snow.

I just took these. No stairs. Ramp!

From yesterday's funnies. Anyone w a cat and a computer will understand immediately!

We are ready to watch the Olympics now.

So much fleeping snow.

Got snow?

Via Inc: Pepperidge Farm founded by Margaret Rudkin, solo entrepreneur, who developed bread recipe for allergic son.

"Ah says 'Bitch, please. You are not getting up right now. Is mah lap now.'"

"You do not need to use this cookbook. Not right now."

And there are racy lentils, too. What are my groceries up to while I am not cooking?

I have no idea what causes leeks to become lusty.