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Y'all. Look at 's necklace! It's by

Alison Atlee's magnets are adorable - last lines and happy endings of loved books!

YOU GUYS. This f/f/m space opera menage HAS EPIC INTERGALACTIC MAN TITTY!

OK , Cards Against Romance Tropes? THIS LOOKS PROMISING.

Hey Chicago! Long time no see! How YOU doin'?

The artwork in this restaurant is AMAZING.

The artwork in this restaurant is AMAZING.

Oh dear Lord. I have 2-3 of each book. Where did I get these?

It's Thursday right? Here's me, probably about age 2.

Why does my weather say snow tomorrow too?!??

It is horse radish time. Clears your sinuses.

Dessert (one of them) for seder: toffee matzoh with dark chocolate, topped with currants, almonds or marshmallows

When you design your own Haggadah for Passover, you can put and in it. #wine

Throwback Thursday! My late grandmother Margaret and me, eyes crossed as usual, prob 1975.

O Hai Spring!

"Hello teh Twitter. Ah hopes you are having a nice evening." -Gracie

David Crane (Friends creator) on fans in this week's

"Wasn't me. I was over here licking the algae off this pirateship."

If you have arches in your fish tank your plecostamus will adorn them with poo streamers. Every. Single. Day.

four words: South of the Border!