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RT : Maybe I should take this time to properly tie my hair up....

RT : Creeps United! RT : hahaha! That was funny. Ill be creepy with you.

RT : Her pussy sweeter than some fresh fruit

RT : hell Naw, I'm really not coming up there now

No nigga should have an opinion on women and their lipstick. That's why I don't care. Those that do...

RT : I'm rebellious... Sometimes I need to be spanked...

Jesus be a fortified fence w/ electric razor wire at the top. My thirst for is real...lol!

I'm done...

RT : *Denzel voice* My N**ga... ♡♥

#BSB RT : WHICH 1? >>> RT Just downloaded that Troy Ave mixtape last night...

RT : Brandon Knight shoulda just got out of the way

Who is this y'all speak of?

oh really...

RT : I wanna put some clothes on but I'd rather just stay naked lol #lazytweet

RT : as long as u aren't a member of AARP

RT : Slo in #creepmode tonight huh

RT : My box is fancy! It's like it has natural wrapping paper!

RT : I'm lowkey disappointed tho ....but this booty tho 

RT : Come hold me tight n when im drowning save me