Sniggi Samot


Follow Your Dreams. Cloud Makers Music. Skateboarding. Thanks For Not Smoking. Frisch Produce.

Photos and Videos by @SlimeyT

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Me right now : (3 month old natty light, obey crew neck, and dolce glasses)

Me and zach you know its critical .... smokin on dat medicinallllll

#Cloudmakers clubbin hard tonight #TGE

Roley on my wrist no im not rich but im still coppin shit #illuminati

umm let's shred

Im gunna have a nice kush blunt ride to the mall and drink this!

My location for the next 4 hours, WTF.

After I get this

We at the mix palace. #CMM


Whip its 99 cents on the counter at the convienice store......... #whatgoeson

#irene the new iraqqqq!

Fuck irene

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